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Objectives & Aims

The main goal of Preventing Hate Against Refugees and Migrants (PHARM) is to monitor and model hate speech against refugees and migrants in Greece, Italy and Spain in order to predict and combat hate crime and also counter its effects using cutting-edge techniques, such as data journalism and narrative persuasion.

1. Monitoring and identifying Hate Speech against refugees and migrants

PHARM will monitor the digital media, all Twitter Stream and anti-immigration open-discussion Facebook groups in Spain, Italy and Greece, in order to identify hate speech in news, comments, tweets or posts. This shall result in the most complete map of online hate speech against refugees and migrants in Southern Europe, which in turn will increase the knowledge and understanding of this discourse as well as its accurate identification for preventing hate speech in the future,

2. Modelling hate crime based on the descriptive features of hate speech against refugees and migrants in order to predict future hate crime episodes

PHARM will model the relationship between hate speech and hate crime using cutting-edge machine learning techniques in order to better understand the phenomenon and predict new potential hate crimes. We will produce specific alerts of hate crime increases at a national and local levels.

3. Countering hate speech using data-driven journalism and large-scale fictional narrative persuasion stories

PHARM will generate, evaluate and disseminate journalistic and fictional cutting-edge counter-narratives at a large scale via media and social media. This shall result in the most articulated data/theory driven strategy in the region to counter the effects of hate speech.